Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Programme

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Colorectal Cancer Screening
Pilot Programme Background

The Government announced in the 2014 Policy Address the planning and implementation of a pilot programme that subsidises colorectal cancer screening for specific age groups.

The Pilot Programme will commence on a date to be specified by the Government and run for a period of thirty-six (36) months or such other period as may be specified by the Government. Experience gained will form the basis for further deliberation whether and how best colorectal cancer screening service may be provided to the wider population.

The aim of the Pilot Programme is to:

  1. determine the ability of the healthcare infrastructure to handle increase in demand for services;
  2. assess public understanding, perception and acceptance of colorectal cancer screening;
  3. devise a screening algorithm with assured quality which is most suited to local needs and circumstances; and
  4. evaluate the performance of the screening programme.