Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme

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How to collect stool specimen

Steps for specimen collection

Step 1

Prepare a holder, such as a plastic bag, for collecting the stool. Place the holder in the toilet bowl, then open your bowels.

Step 1 image
Step 2

Twist lid off the FOBT tube and scratch sampling probe across stool surface in all directions.

Step 2 image
Step 3

Specimen will be enough when the grooved part of the sampling probe has been completely filled up. Too much or too little specimen will affect the test results.

Step 3 image
Step 4

Insert the sampling probe back into the FOBT tube and screw the lid tightly.

Step 4 image
Step 5

Write the collection date and check that your name is correct. Place the FOBT tube into the small green plastic bag and seal it. Keep the specimen in a cool place.

Step 5 image
Step 6

Repeat steps 1 to 5 above using the second FOBT tube during your next bowel movement.

Step 6 image

Notes on the amount of stool specimen

FIT Probe stool collection